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Project Runway Designer And Fitness Expert Collaborate On A New Fitness Wear Category: Introducing The Crossover Concept

The Reformer Jacket in classic black or hot color blocks, nips in at the waist to enhance the figure, yet adds coverage in the rear to hide any problem areas. "Take along Turn It On in your carry-on for a weekend trip," West said. "You won't need workout program to pack much else other than accessories and heels." West, an Ohio native, lives in Maui, Hawaii where she dedicates her life to fitness, fashion and nutrition. Now in her 50's, West frequently is approached by women for advice on how to stay fit and look fashionable. Their questions inspired her to launch Turn It On. The company's website, www.turnitonfitness.com , includes Girl Talk, a blog where West and Harper view site... share fitness, nutrition and fashion tips with women. West wants to walk beside her followers in a community dedicated to fashion and a healthy lifestyle. "Our #1 goal is to help women look and feel beautiful," said West.
Full story: more information href='http://finance.yahoo.com/news/project-runway-designer-fitness-expert-120000518.html' >http://finance.yahoo.com/news/project-runway-designer-fitness-expert-120000518.html

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