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Well You Did Earn It! Makeup-free Mel B Undoes All Her Hard Work Throwing Back A Glass Of Wine With Dinner Straight After Going To The Gym

From treadmill to deli: Mel B headed straight to a restaurant from the gym in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday evening Happy hour: The former Spice Girl treated herself with a big glass of red Mel B met up with her youngest and her nanny at the restaurant, which was conveniently right next to her gym. Clearly feeling like she deserved to be rewarded for her hard work, the mother of three - Phoenix, 14, Angel, 6, and Madison, 2, - ordered herself a very big glass of red. The America's Got Talent judge was so keen for a bite and a little libation, that she did not even bother to change, sitting down in her workout gear. Catch ups: The mother of three met up with her youngest Madison, 2, and her nanny at the restaurant, which was conveniently right next to her gym Arm curls: The singer obviously was hanging out for a wine, as she looked like she was really enjoying it However, the makeup-free mom workout obviously does not do this often, as even though she was being a little naughty she was in great shape. The former Spice Girl looked trim and toned in a pair of black three-quarter black official website leggings Max Workouts with teal piping up the sides, which perfectly matched her tank. Mel threw on a pair of black ugg boots to head over to the restaurant and left her long curly locks out and flowing.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2549044/Makeup-free-Mel-B-undoes-hard-work-throwing-glass-wine-dinner-straight-going-gym.html

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